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Economy of Canada

Population: 35 million in 20131

GDP: $1.83 trillion in 20132

GDP per capita: $51,958 nominal3 ($43,247 PPP4) in 2013

GDP growth rate: 2.4% in 20145


GDP by Industry 20126

Industry sectorValue added ($ billions) 2012Percent of total
Other activities84950.7%
Wholesale, retail trade, restaurants and hotels21713.0%
Mining and utilities1529.1%
Transport, storage and communication1267.5%
Agriculture, hunting, forestry, fishing261.6%
Total value added1,675100%


Unemployment rate: 7.1% in 20137

Employment by Industry 20138

Employment sector Employees (thousands) 2013Percent of total
Wholesale trade, retail trade and repair of motor vehicles2,96916.7%
Finance and insurance2,36113.3%
Administrative and support service2,17712.3%
Electricity, gas, steam and air conditioning1,79610.1%
Professional, scientific and technical1,2897.3%
Transportation and storage1,1326.4%
Accommodation and food service1,0946.2%
Real estate9425.3%
Public administration and defence9385.3%
Information and communication8064.5%
Agriculture, forestry and fishing3612.0%
Water supply, sewerage and waste management1440.8%
Mining and quarrying210.1%
Human health and social work40.0%
Total employment17,731100%


Top 10 Corporations by Revenue 2013* 9

RankCorporationRevenue ($ billions) 2013Profit ($ billions) 2013Assets ($ billions) 12/31/13Industry
1Suncor Energy344.166Energy
2Royal Bank of Canada337.1727Finance
3Alimentation Couche-Tard320.510Retail
4Magna International311.316Automobile supplier
5Toronto-Dominion Bank285.6728Finance
6George Weston280.521Food processing
8Power Corporation of Canada250.8291Energy
9Bank of Nova Scotia245.6627Finance

* Corporate data calculated using the exchange rate 1.185 CAD = 1 USD


Household Wealth: $7.51 trillion (410% of GDP) in 201410

Household Wealth per Adult: $274,543 in 201410

Gini Coefficient: .337 in 201011


Central Government

Central Government Revenue: $688 billion (37% of GDP) in 201312

Central Government Expenditure: $741 billion (40% of GDP) in 201312

Central Government Budget Balance: -$53 billion (-3% of GDP) in 201312

Central Government Public Debt: $845 billion (46% of GDP) in Mar 2014* 13

Central Government 10 Year Bond Interest Rate: 1.66% on Jan 11, 201514

* Public debt calculated using the exchange rate 1.185 CAD = 1 USD

Public Funds

Alberta Heritage Savings Trust Fund: $17.3 billion (1% of GDP) in 201415

Quebec's Generations Fund: $5.2 billion (0.3% of GDP) in 201415

Tax Structure

Personal Income Tax Rates and Thresholds in 2013* 16

Corporate Tax Rate: 26% in 201417

* Thresholds calculated using the exchange rate 1.185 CAD = 1 USD

Monetary Policy

Money Supply (M1): $627 billion (34% of GDP) in Sept 2014* 18

Benchmark Interest Rate: 0.75% in Mar 201519

Total Reserves: $71.9 million in 201320

Exchange Rate: 1.185 Canadian Dollars = 1 U.S. Dollar on Jan 12, 201521

Inflation: 0.9% in 201322

* Monetary base calculated using the exchange rate 1.185 CAD = 1 USD

Financial Institutions

Top 10 Financial Institutions by Assets 201323

RankFinancial InstitutionAssets ($ billions) 10/31/13*
1Toronto-Dominion Bank727
2Royal Bank of Canada726
3Bank of Nova Scotia627
4Bank of Montreal453
5Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce336
6Desjardins Group179
7National Bank of Canada159
8HSBC Bank of Canada71
9Laurentian Bank of Canada29
10Canadian Wesertern Bank16

* Assets calculated using the exchange rate 1.185 CAD = 1 USD

International Accounts

Exports: $459 billion (25% of GDP) in 201324

Imports: $471 billion (26% of GDP) in 201324

Trade Balance: -$12 billion (-1% of GDP) in 201324

Foreign Direct Investment Inflow: $62 billion (3% of GDP) in 201325

Foreign Direct Investment Outflow: $43 billion (2% of GDP)in 201325

Foreign Aid Inflow: N/A

Foreign Aid Outflow: $4.9 billion (0.3% of GDP) in 201326


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